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DeKalb County is working to connect its residents and visitors through a countywide interconnected system of trails and greenways. ​

A well-planned and managed trail network can create enormous benefits by raising property values, improving health and quality of life, attracting business investment and providing protection for natural areas, wildlife, and water sources.


Key Goals

  • Recommend trail and greenway projects that, when built, will serve and attract people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds
  • Incorporate community feedback and guidance when prioritizing project recommendations
  • Create a more interconnected cross-county trail network
  • Align efforts toward seamless local and regional coordination on bicycle and pedestrian projects
  • Create an accessible trails map​​

Through the Trail and Greenway Master Plan, the County seeks to:

  • Identify and address gaps and barriers that allow for more equitable access to the trail network and associated destinations

  • Coordinate with surrounding municipalities to identify and recommend future trail connections and extensions to existing greenway systems

  • Connect to local destinations, existing greenways, and transit through strategic on-street or street-adjacent trail facilities

  • Provide maintenance best practices and recommendations

  • Develop an implementation plan that prioritizes projects and identifies short- and long-term implementation goals

  • Identify potential funding sources and strategies for resourcing capital, operational, and maintenance projects

Key Strategies

Plan Structure


The final DeKalb County Trail and Greenway Master Plan will contain the follow components:

  • Analysis of Existing Trail Network

  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Economic Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Trail and Greenway Network Development

  • Trail Design Standards and Guidelines

  • Implementation Plan


Project Timeline

The DeKalb Trail and Greenway Master Plan planning process will extend through July 2024.


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